They're just fears but some might be considered irrational
  1. Never knowing what it's like to be in love
    I'm 25 and I've never been in love. I might have loved a guy but he didn't like me that way so I don't know what it's like to be in love with someone who loves you back
  2. Dying alone
    As in I don't have a significant other or close friends or relatives in my life when I die
  3. Scary movies
    After watching some I never want to watch any ever again. I made this decision after watching part of The Exorcist
  4. falling
    I try to avoid the feeling in my stomach when I'm falling (riding roller coasters, log rides, etc)
  5. Heights
    But I think I fear falling from a high altitude more than actually being in a high place
  6. Never recovering from an episode
    I have bipolar disorder and I've read too many stories about people who commit suicide because they feel like they'll never recover from a manic episode or depression
  7. My mom dying suddenly
    My dad passed away suddenly and I don't want it to happen to my mom too
  8. Never finding a career I'm passionate about
    It's about to be three years since I've graduated from college and I don't have a "career". And I won't settle for just any job
  9. Open water
    Self explanatory