For some reason or another, I haven't been able to dress up using these costumes. Mostly I'm making excuses. Maybe in the future I will have my dream costumes.
  1. The Fantanas
    You would think this would be an easy one to pull off but I've never had three friends willing to color coordinate. That makes me sound sad lol
  2. Harley Quinn
    I almost made it happen but I didn't like the costumes that were available online. Now everyone is going to be her this year
  3. Poison Ivy
    I'm hesitant about wearing wigs and I'm not sure if I can be brunette Poison Ivy.
  4. The Heathers
    I feel like no one would get it these days.
  5. Clueless girls
    I'd be forced to be Tai because I have brown, curly-ish hair
  6. Black Swan
    Have you ever seen a chubby ballerina? Maybe this will be my year since I'm slightly less chubby.
  7. Power Rangers
    Imagine how epic this would be. Again, I need friends willing to commit to a group costume. I will of course be Trini.
  8. Sleeping Beauty
    Will people know I'm sleeping beauty if I don't wear a blonde wig?
  9. There's a pattern here. I need a group of people and I need to get over my aversion to wigs.
  10. Maleficent
    I don't know what's stopping me from being the best villain