It was in San Diego and they played against El Salvador for the Gold Cup
  1. I went with my two siblings and my mom
  2. This is my first game, my mom's second one
  3. It was hot as hell with humidity so I was a big sweaty mess but I just HAD to do my makeup
  4. We had really good seats
    This is without zoom. And the position we were in was perfect. We were never in the sun and were at a good angle
  5. What sucked is that none of my favorite players played
    Like this drunk salvadoreño said "Chicharito vacaciones"
  6. There were some characters sitting around us
  7. A young woman who was taking pictures and selfies the whole damn time
    She even had her son who was about 3 or 4 take pictures of her. And she had the same vacant expression and with her lips sticking out
  8. A Salvadoreña who was talking shit
    I think someone might have thrown something her way so she calmed down
  9. A guy dressed like the former coach "El Piojo"
    God, I miss him
  10. We won 3-1
  11. It was a great experience and want to attend a game with the stars
  12. I also realized how easy it was for me to get out of my seat to celebrate goals now that I've nearly lost 50 lbs
  13. I forgot. I also pregamed with my siblings and my brother was just embarrassed by us