1. TV Show: The Good Place
    It's so creative and the cast is pretty diverse. And I can't get over the season finale which I finally watched last week
  2. TV Show: Riverdale
    I too am hooked on this show
  3. Song: Strange Boy by The Shacks
    As heard on Riverdale
  4. Artist: Father John Misty
    I heard his "This Is: Father John Misty" playlist on Spotify and am now a fan
  5. Band: HAIM
    I've been into them since college but I got the urge to listen to their album non stop again
  6. Saying: You dumb, dumb, dummy to my sister
    Also, "you sick, sick, sicko" which I got from Rachel from FRIENDS
  7. Skincare: La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream
    It's price tag is like $127 but I got a free sample from Sephora. It feels, smells and looks like PONDS. So don't even bother. I do feel bad and boujie tho