Just in case you were wondering
  1. I lost 50 lbs!
    It seems like it took forever but I'm proud of myself
  2. The guy I liked sort of serenaded me
    Only not really because he was just singing out loud and didn't even make eye contact with me LOL
  3. I'm starting to really fear ending up alone
    I really thought I had a chance with the guy mentioned above but now it's clear to me he's not interested at all
  4. I've applied to two jobs so hopefully I get one of them!
  5. I'm still in my quarter life crisis but I feel a little less hopeless. I'm just being in the moment at the moment
  6. Something that I've been saying for a while has been that I want to write a romantic comedy.
    I might act on this idea and take a writing class 🤔
  7. TTFN ta ta for now