My Favorite Friends Moments Part 2

I feel like I have left out some very important moments on my previous list so here are more of my favorite moments
  1. In The One With The Resolutions Ross buys leather pants and it's the funniest thing when he can't put them back on
  2. When Phoebe tries to teach Joey French.
    And she tells the director in French that Joey is retarded when he doesn't get the part in the play/movie
  3. In The One With All The Thanksgivings when Monica puts a turkey on her head
    The whole episode is a gem but I think it's cute that Monica did this to cheer up Chandler
  4. Oh my God! I'm a woman!
    When Joey starts hanging out with his roommate Janine and gets in touch with his feminine side
  5. Ross and Monica's routine
    I wish I had a routine
  6. "You threw my sandwich away?!"
    And then a psychiatrist gives him medicine for his rage
  7. "I'm so drunk"
    Like I said before, I love it when Monica is fat... and when Rachel has her old nose.
  8. Lolz
  9. When Brad Pitt guest stars
    I didn't know he could be so funny
  10. When Chandler is desperate for love
  11. I think that's all I have for now