Requested by Lexie


As requested by @lexie_elyse . Thank you by the way!
  1. For sure my favorite moment is Monica proposing to Chandler. It makes me cry every single time I watch it
  2. One of my favorite episodes is "The One With The Embryos" because of the trivia game between Monica and Rachel and Chandler and Joey. It really never gets old
  3. I absolutely love "The One Where Everybody Finds Out" because of Phoebe messing with Chandler.
  4. I die when Ross says "pivot"
  5. The moment when Ross kisses Rachel after finding out
  6. Basically any time Monica is fat
  7. When Ross and Monica reveal each other's secrets.
    Like when Ross tells their parents that the hurricane didn't ruin their porch swing, it was Monica lmfao
  8. Look at me, I'm Chandler
  9. I don't know why but one of my favorite moments is when Joey is telling Phoebe that he waited in line for fifteen minutes for the buffet at Judy and Jack's wedding anniversary.
    "And then when I get there I slip on a gigantic booger!" But it was actually an oyster Phoebe threw on the floor
  10. One of the best moments of the show
  11. When Rachel kisses Ross after watching her Prom video
  12. Of course I cry every time
  13. When Monica gets feisty looking for her wedding dress and fights the lady who almost took it
  14. I can go on forever but I won't.