My (TV) clique

Inspired by @solena
  1. Rogelio De La Vega
    He's hilarious and is an essential part of my clique
  2. Schmidt
  3. Winston Bishop aka Winnie the Bish
    He's so weird and fun
  4. Nick Miller
    Might as well have the loft guys
  5. Alec Lightwood
    He doesn't seem fun but he can be the eye candy
  6. Bill Haverchuck
    He's a great friend and everything he says is funny
  7. All of FRIENDS
    You can't have one or two without the others
  8. Jesse Pinkman
    I love when he's happy
  9. Phil Dunphy
    He's full of good advice
  10. Asher Millstone
    Life of the party
  11. Maritza and Flaca
    I need some latinas in my clique
  12. Jacqueline White
    What's not to love?