Inspired by @jessicaz and a whole lot of other people
  1. Number of times I've cried
  2. Number of times I've laughed until I've cried or wheezed
  3. Number of times I've passed by my soulmate on the street
  4. Number of times I've made other people legitimately laugh
  5. Number of songs I know all the lyrics to
  6. Number of songs I know in general
  7. Number of people who have had a crush on me
    At this point maybe it was one, MAYBE
  8. Number of guys I've had crushes on
  9. Times I've made the first move
  10. Times I've hugged my parents
    I would want to see how many times I hugged my dad before he passed away
  11. Number of shows I've watched
    I've realized I watch A LOT of tv!
  12. Number of times I've gone to the movies and concerts
  13. Number of times I've eaten special k and my cousin has pointed it out
  14. Idk why I didn't catch that I read the list title wrong lmao