I just took a mini one so here's what every road trip needs
  1. Spotify
    ESPECIALLY the download feature so you can play your music when you don't have signal
  2. CDs as backup
  3. Salty snacks
    My choice for this trip was Flamin hot Cheetos con Limon. But I can go for Cheez It's or Lemon Lays
  4. Sweet snacks
    I had chewy chips ahoy. They come in a bag now
  5. Fruit
    I choked on the juiciness of an apple
  6. Neck pillow
    It works for your back as well
  7. Interesting conversation
    Comfortable silences are okay but not when you have to keep the driver awake
  8. A game
    Two years ago, my family and I were driving to the bay and we passed by farmland. I made up a lame game in which we try to guess what produce the trailers we passed by were transporting
  9. Water
    It's better to stop every few hours to pee than to be dehydrated
  10. A great copilot
    Which I am. I provide all of these things