Also, things that didn't happen
  1. I didn't get my balloons but it's all good
  2. I got a nice cake
    From this really good bakery in SoCal called Portos
  3. I didn't go to Disneyland
    I was super bummed about not going
  4. I did have three birthday dinners
    Pizza, pasta, and pozole in that order 😛
  5. I got to spend my birthday with friends from high school, friends from college and my family
    Hashtag blessed
  6. I didn't meet a guy
    I knew this wasn't going to happen for my birthday but hopefully this is the year lol
  7. I got makeup as presents 🎁
    I got a tarte palette and oval brushes. And two Sephora gift cards
  8. Overall a great 25th birthday