For those of you who don't know, EL stands for 'English learner'. I work at a high school
  1. What LMAO means
    It's awkward explaining this in Spanish as it is. And I can't say ass at work. My student thought it was a word
  2. They asked me to correct their assignment that said something about Tobey McGuire's "potatoes" in Seabiscuit
    They used google translate and because they wrote "papas", which means potatoes in Spanish, they got that translation when it's actually supposed to say "parents"
  3. Yesterday one of my students said "U ass" instead of "U.S"
  4. "Say no to masturbation"
    I overheard them telling this to someone
  5. "I just watched the best series on Netflix" "Thirteen Reasons Why?!" "YES!!! AAAHHH"
    But in Spanish
  6. "'I don't give a damn' is a mean way of saying 'I don't care'"
  7. "Do you like Reggeaton?" (It's a type of Spanish urban dance music)
    I admitted that I do and they were like "AYYY Si necesita reggeaton dale!" Which is part of a song called Ginza by J Balvin
  8. "Shut up bitch"
    I told them off for saying this but It was really funny because they told me they were learning English