1. A student asked me if I was still in school
    I already have my BA but for some reason this had me thinking I should be in school getting a masters
  2. A personal trainer asked me what I do for a living
    And I had to tell him TWICE that I'm working at a high school and not doing what I want to do
  3. My mom keeps saying "why do you want to move out and pay rent somewhere when you don't pay rent here"
    I don't want to live in this city anymore. I've grown out of it
  4. It seems like everyone is going cool things but me
    But my mom says I should focus on being instead of doing things... I'm not entirely sure what she means
  5. It feels like I'm not moving forward
    I'm still at the same dead end job
  6. I've applied to about ten places within the last month and no one has emailed me anything
    I've even sent "invitations" to connect with people on LinkedIn
  7. I know I'll eventually be where I want to be but it's just one of those days