This list is going to be long. Where do you draw the line. Maybe there shouldn't be a line. There are favorites that I return to and those that are long gone. New faces that wow as you discover them and those that play in such a way that the minute you hear them you recognize their signature sound. May the list continue because I love this sound.
  1. Hendrix
  2. Clapton
  3. Jerry Garcia
  4. Gary Clark Jr.
  5. Jimmy Page
  6. Neil Young
  7. Ali Farka Toure
  8. Daniel Lanios
  9. Ry Cooder
  10. Lindsey Buckingham
  11. Jose Gonzalez
  12. David Gilmour
  13. Edge
  14. Wayne Kramer
  15. Derek Trucks
    I've been watching this guy since I saw him play at 14 during a Greg Allman showcase in Atlanta.
  16. Trey Anastasio
    With or without Phish
  17. Pat Metheny
  18. Eddie Van Halen
  19. Buddy Guy
  20. Mark Knopfler
  21. Tom Morello
  22. Richard Thompson
  23. Santana
  24. Billy Gibbons
  25. Dan Auerbach