There are 81 films from 81 countries trying to be one of the five films nominated for this years Oscar. Some of them without trying sound foreign immediately.
  1. A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence. Sweden
  2. Arrows Of The Thunder Dragon. Australia
  3. Embrace Of The Serpent. Columbia
  4. Go Away Mr. Tumor. China
  5. 100 Yen Love. Japan
  6. Theeb. Jordan
  7. Baba Joon. Israel
  8. Babai. Kosovo
  9. Baby (A)lone. Luxembourg
  10. The Summer Of Sangaile. Lithuania
  11. Talakjung vs Tulke. Nepal
  12. Heneral Luna. Philippines
  13. Sivas. Turkey
  14. Aferim. Romania
  15. Ixcanul. Guatemala
  16. Rams. Iceland, Goat. Slovakia, Lamb. Ethiopia
    Are these 3 films a trend, a theme, or just a coincidence