1. Snoop Dogg - His vinyl collection is massive
  2. Andrew Bird - Weird guy, I bet he has some great stories
  3. Dave Grohl - Fresh Pots!
  4. Brent Hinds - I wanna know all there is to know about swamp rock and psycho country
  5. Jenny Lewis - something tells me that she has great taste
  6. Cody Chesnutt - Headphone Masterpiece is the best mixtape ever.
  7. Bill Withers - one of the best songwriters ever, and I think he is probably a really nice guy.
  8. Chromeo - yeah it's a 2for1 but fashion sense and great influences can't be beat
  9. Prince - I gotta have at least one doozy on here
  10. Casey Kasem - impossible because he's gone away now, but a man can dream.