Even though they really have no shot for various reasons
  1. "Lush Life" by Zara Larsson
    This is the Rihanna summer banger we deserve. http://bit.ly/1BuxRXF
  2. "Doctor Pepper" by Diplo, CL, Riff Raff and OG Maco
    You know those scenes in action movies where the good guys put on their sunglasses and walk in slow-motion in a v-formation? This song sounds like that. http://bit.ly/1BDknJF
  3. "Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking to You" by Tove Styrke
    As I wrote in my review of this record, it's "sort of like if Gwen Stefani’s high-school fantasy 'Hollaback Girl' was done by a foreign exchange student who just discovered 5-Hour Energy." http://bit.ly/1dWirAB
  4. "Bitch I'm Madonna" by Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj
    The weird dog barking sound at the end of this meme-ification of Madonna is the sound of your inhibitions combusting. http://bit.ly/1I6J16l
  5. "Pierre" by Ryn Weaver
    Because we have all probably made a questionable decision on the Fourth of July. http://bit.ly/1dWiJaI
  6. "This Year" by Cooper
    This great indie-pop album is finally out after being shelved for months so please take a moment to acquaint yourself with one of my favorite things to come out of Australia. http://bit.ly/1SzrYwQ
  7. "Kiss and Tell" by Ciara
    Her team is pushing an EDM banger as the second single which I guessssss makes sense but come on this is the perfect combination of sticky and sweet. http://bit.ly/1dWiJYg
  8. "Diamonds" by Giorgio Moroder featuring Charli XCX
    This glittering update of an unreleased song Charli wrote as a teenager makes me want to get wrecked in a club somewhere. http://bit.ly/1dWjmky
  9. "Yoga" by Janelle Monáe featuring Jidenna
    Namaste, bitches! http://bit.ly/1K32aI9
  10. "Aaliyah" by Katy B and Jessie Ware
    This song came out in like December of 2012 but still bangs harder than 90% of what's come out since. I will never stop spreading the gospel of Katy B. http://bit.ly/1BuyWPi