These dogs are dumb and here's why.
  1. Static
    Look at this dog, sniffing a dumb flower with its stupid nose and short legs. Probably doesn't even know it's a flower - probably thinks it's a butt. Dumb.
  2. Static
    This dog is even worse. It's ugly and probably has no idea where it is. Lots of help this dog would be if I was stranded in the mountains! Get out of here, dumby.
  3. Static
    Nice blanket, dog... Not! This dog is lame and can eat a turd for all I care.
  4. Static
    That is a cat-sized hole, not a dog-sized hole, dog. This dog deserves no treats and no home.
  5. Static
    This dog is probably tired from doing dumb dog-stuff all day, like chasing his tail and playing fetch. Useless, lazy, and probably dumber than a doornail.
  6. Static
    This dog is... surprisingly not dumb. I like this dog. This dog clearly knows what's up and is handsome to boot. Good dog. May all the other dumb dogs on this list aspire to be as good a dog as you.