FYI fairweather Biebz fans: Between Baby" and "Sorry" are lots of hidden gems
  1. Right Here ft. Drake
    That's right, Drizzy and JB go way back
  2. Die In Your Arms
    Strong Jackson 5 vibes
  3. Mistletoe
    A wonderful holiday ditty with an adorable video (post-puberty but pre-hijinx)
  4. Pray
    Very Jesus-y which is not a plus but it's making this list because of the infamous time Justin's voice cracked during a live performance 😬
  5. Baby, the acoustic version
    Justin is a downhome music genius never forget
  6. As Long As You Love Me ft. Big Sean
    Ok, so this one isn't a deep cut per se but I really feel like Big Sean's guest verse gets short shrift: "The grass ain't always greener on the other side/It's green where you water it"? Awwww
  7. Rollercoaster
    The essential precursor to "Sorry" and a nice companion track to Selena's "Heart Wants What It Wants"
  8. Maria
    A Billie Jean-like banger about that cray paternity scare
  9. Runaway Love, Kanye remix
    Featuring flashes of Jodeci and Wu Tang ugh so good
  10. Confident
    Another absolutely adorbs video that ends in a kiss 💏