As much as I love Clueless, I've read enough about it.
  1. Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
    Would love more info about the several moments that are clearly overdubbed (where Sue Ellen looks like she's saying brat but ends up saying punk?!) as well as the inexplicable casting of Josh Charles as Bryan the Clown Dog truck driver
  2. Look Who's Talking
    Hearing from Twink Caplan in the Telegraph oral history made me want to ask her about being Kirstie Alley's zany BFF. (Ok so technically this was 1989, but I watched this all throughout the 90s so it kinda counts.)
  3. Soapdish
    Best overacting you'll ever see, plus this was when I first wanted to have sex with Robert Downey Jr. so really anything more about this movie would be delightful
  4. Housesitter
    Starring Goldie Hawn's new and amazing butt and lots of real estate porn. Also many off-the-shoulder fashions I would like to learn more about
  5. Made In America
    So many q's here, but mainly want to ask Will Smith about the part where he acts out a date dialogue on the street and then struts away shaking his butt
  6. My Cousin Vinny
    How many of these Alabama people were local extras? Where did Marisa Tomei get that amazing onesie? How WAS the Chinese food?
  7. Waiting To Exhale
    4 ladies in their primes, also anything Whitney slays me