Semi-inspired by @sashabronner ❗️
  1. "That's fuckin interesting man, that's fuckin interesting"
    Sometimes I only say the first part which makes it a LOT harder to get
  2. "Lotta ins lotta outs lotta what-have-yous"
    Gotten about 1/4 of the time
  3. "Cash machine"
    This one is pretty obscure but also have you EVER heard anyone else call an ATM a cash machine, besides people paying homage to The Dude??
  4. "In the parlance of our times"
    Maude fans get this one
  5. "Private residence, man"
  6. "I did not know that," in the cadence of Walter after he finds out that Smokey is "very fragile"
    One or two people have gotten this but they were serious TBL obsessives
  7. "Wonderful woman," in the cadence of Brandt after The Dude concedes Nancy Reagan was a pretty good get
    See above