Why are women the only ones who have to answer this question? In my mind, all these dudes answer like so.
  1. Donald Trump
    I'll make feminism great again.
  2. Matt Damon
    [pauses before hesitantly nodding] It's just like any piece of gossip...and it puts us in a weird position of having to answer, you know what I mean?
  3. Jon Hendren
    We're treating feminists like animals, like people who should be quarantined and put away. And that's unreasonable of us.
  4. John Boehner
    I think we've established that a lot of people don't know how to spell F-E-M-I-N-I-S-T.
  5. Justin Bieber
    You don't need to be a feminist to go to Planned Parenthood rallies. If you go to Taco Bell, that doesn't make you a taco.
  6. Kanye West
    [via Kim K] I believe he is serious about being a feminist and I know that if he puts his mind to something, he'll do his best.