Other July 15th babies!
  1. Gabriel Iglesias
    Not to be confused with Enrique or Julio, this guy is the drug dealer-DJ-MC-turned-party-truck driver in Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL and is adorable and super-relevant to my last two weeks
  2. Brian Austin Green
    One day reading Teen Beat, I discovered that my 90210 crush had my bday and I'll never forget it
  3. Arianna Huffington
    Included here because of her support of massages, which I plan to procure on or near my day of birth
  4. Scott Foley
    Aka Noel, aka possessor of the sweetest puppy dog face in history (until he played a kind of bad guy on Scandal, then he became sexy)
  5. Linda Ronstadt
    Shoutout to the seemingly limitless collection of LR LPs in bargain bins (this is not a bitchy comment; I own several of her albums due to this fortuitous dynamic)
  6. Rembrandt
    Will be honest, knew about the whitening toothpaste before the painter, circa 1993 😁