1. The Proposal
    "If you touch my ass one more time I will cut your balls off in your sleep, okay?"
  2. One Fine Day
    "I've got all these little balls up in the air..."
  3. How Stella Got Her Groove Back
    "This from the guy who makes a midnight run from the video store and comes back with Booty Call and the Lion King!"
  4. "Sex and the City" (Miranda and Samantha)
    "And by the way, never never call me again. Have a nice day!"
  5. Something's Gotta Give
    "I guess I'm just a turtleneck kind of gal!"
  6. The Ugly Truth
    actually never seen this movie but the internet says it's relevant to this list
  7. What Women Want
    Can't remember a quote from this movie but Helen Hunt had balls of steel
  8. Katherine Heigl oeuvre
    Suggested by @videodrew
  9. 10 Things I Hate About You/Taming of the Shrew
    "But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you, not even close..."
    Suggested by @sally
  10. The family stone
    Suggested by @jujujerni
  11. Fever Pitch
    Suggested by @jujujerni
  12. What Happens In Vegas
    "I'd rather do nothing and be happy, than do something that I don't love." [only added now because I'm watching it on FX as I type]
    Suggested by @sally
  13. Come on 27 Dresses or whatever
    Suggested by @videodrew