I don't know what to do
  1. Katniss
    mockingjay outfit
  2. Hillary Clinton
    super hip & will be able to compete with Maya's Effie Trinket costume
  3. myself with weird makeup
  4. Playboy Bunny
    it's winter & I don't have a car
  5. Troy Bolton
    everyone has a crush on him
  6. Voldemort
    but I have a big nose
  7. Disney princess ???
  8. Elyas M'Barek in anything
    supplies: killer abs, spray tan, tattoo, flowing hair
  9. Elmo
  10. Black Widow
    like Katniss... but with red hair
  11. any actress with brown hair & freckles
  12. Kim Kardashian
    butt pillow
  13. pillsbury doughboy