Breaking up is hard — but breaking up with your best friend is much, much harder.
  1. Scream internally. Literally.
  2. Freeze low-fat mango flavored yogurt cups, and eat them at 4 in the morning while binge watching The Mindy Project.
  3. Channel my inner frustrations into interpretive dance.
  4. Mouth the words "suk a dik" to unassuming pedestrians, passerby's, and p — squirrels...
  5. Google: "what 2 do when no friends"
  7. Remind myself that, it's okay. This is okay.
  8. Bike with no hands 😏
  9. Get so caught up in the saga of how I've been wronged as I bike with no hands, that I directly ram into three parked bicycles, knocking them down, and propelling a fourth's basket.
    (fixed it)
  10. Call my long distance BFF for conversations that last three hours, and usually begin with: "alright, fuck me up"
  11. Go out, have fun, and meet new people.
    Because although I've convinced myself that it has, one person behaving badly really hasn't spoiled the well. Know your worth friends, because you deserve to be treated right.