I loved these books a lot, but I've still got some questions...
  1. Why were Brother Bear and Sister Bear and Mama Bear and Papa Bear called Brother/Sister/Mama/Papa but Cousin Freddy got to be called FREDDY?
  2. Were they young Jew-bears?
    Are -stein and -stain similar enough for me to draw this assumption?
  3. Did brilliant authors Stan and Jan Bearenstain get their inspiration to write a brilliant series of books about a family of bears from their absurd last name or did they change their last name to go with the family of bears they started writing books about?
    is it just me or is Stan's eye contact here sort of smoldering?
  4. If they were young Jew-bears, how do we explain this?
    Suggested by   @bjnovak
  5. @bjnovak totally fair. But wait.,.MIKE Bearenstain? What happened to Stan?? Mike and Jan just doesn't have the same ring to it...