I know they're calculating propaganda. I fall for them every time.
  1. One Direction: This Is Us
    I went to see it for a laugh. Oops. Best bit: all of the bits, but especially Zayn "the beautiful one" Malik's instructions for eating miso soup "you drink it! You drink it! You drink it!" Takes the top spot because I went from complete apathy to complete fascination in 1.5 hours and never looked back.
  2. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
    I watched this with my dad one college Christmas break when we were both faking coughs to get out of taking a family Christmas card picture. He cried, so I cried. Best bit: the part where biebs pulls some small child out of the audience and sings with her. Gets extra points for making my grown father cry. Loses points because the effect was short-lived.
  3. Almost Famous
    What's that you say? Not a music documentary? Whatever.
  4. Dixie Chicks: Shut Up And Sing
    I already loved them, but I couldn't leave this off. less about the music and more about the ways politics and music and celebrity and being a woman can all collide. Best bits: the performance at the end of Not Ready to Make Nice, my absolute favorite song of all time to scream in my car (specifically: and how in the world can the words that I said/send somebody so over the edge/that they'd write me a letter/saying that I'd better/shut up and sing/or my life will be over)
  5. Who Is Harry Nilsson
    The first couple of entries on here are pop acts I assumed I wouldn't like (and then was proven so so wrong). Harry Nilsson I just had never known anything about, and now all I want is to know more because the man is a weirdo and a genius and a mystery. Clocks in all the way down here because I shouldn't have needed a doc to make me love him.
  6. The inevitable documentary about Jaden Smith
    When it happens, I am certain this will immediately take the number one spot. Forever.