On a scale from 1-"this might be allergies" to 6 - "flash flood warning"
  1. The vastness of the universe
    Details per @bjnovak 's request: this is a feeling that regularly creeps up on me. Yesterday specifically I was thinking about those stars that you can pay $20 to give a name to, and then wondering how many stars there were out there with names and how tiny of a fraction that was compared to stars without names. I started getting a bit misty, but luckily my boss asked me to look up a UPS tracking number and I snapped back to my regular non-moony self.
  2. A guy on a bike almost ran me over in a crosswalk and I was overwhelmed
  3. I watched the episode of Dawson's Creek where Pacey brushes Joey's hair and then they have sex and then Albert Brooks dies.
  4. I dropped my Chipotle bowl.
  5. I was tired but I wasn't in bed yet.
  6. Pure wonder.