1. When they know that you were right about that thing after all
    You don't even have to say it out loud. It's better when you don't.
  2. When you think you're out of beer/wine/popcorn/avocados/chocolate but it turns out there's one left, hiding at the back of the refrigerator.
    Behind all the mustard.
  3. When you like them and they like you back.
  4. When you find a present for someone that you know will make them happy.
  5. When you do well at the thing you want to be good at.
  6. When you learn a new word and suddenly have a way to describe a feeling you've been having all along in a way that other people will finally understand.
    The word is almost always German.
  7. When you feel sick and then take your temperature and it turns out that you've got a temperature of 101.
  8. When you make a funny person laugh.
  9. When you catch their eye across the room and know that you're having the same thought at the same time.
    And so you aren't alone.
  10. When you're lying in bed reading in a cold room and then you finally put your book down and pull the covers up and suddenly you're so sleepy and warm.
  11. When you come home.
  12. When you wake up and think your alarm is about to go off but then check your phone and you have five hours left to sleep.
    Sometimes I set my alarm for two am just to artificially give myself this feeling.
  13. When you've been sad for a while and start to be happy again.
  14. When you take your pants off.