I feel like it's been a while since I learned a new skill. Here's where I'd like to start:
  1. Build furniture
    I would like to sit in a chair that I built on a porch that I built. Or eat my meals at a table that I built? I'd settle for a birdhouse. Or a...tray. Is there an affordable place to learn this in LA?
  2. Mix one good drink
    My drink mixing skills stalled out around high school vodka and fruit juice punch level. I don't need to be a stellar mixologist, but I feel like I would be 10% cooler at least if I had a drink I knew I liked that I could also make for other people. Luckily, in the meantime there's always beer.
  3. Surf
    This one would be at the top of the list except that I've got a sinking feeling it's never going to happen. For one thing, traditionally activities that involve putting an object between my feet and the ground (skateboarding, rollerblading, surfing, pogo sticking) have not been my strong suit. Also I've taken a bunch of surf lessons recently and have never managed to stand up. Luckily, I enjoy failure, so I'll keep slowly drowning myself.
  4. Bake sourdough bread
    I'm by no means great at baking any kind of bread, but sourdough is the ultimate goal. That dude who owns tartine bakery in SF where they make heavenly sourdough but don't open until 4pm because he's busy surfing? That guy is living all my dreams.
  5. Dance
    I was expelled from dance class when I was 5 for kicking my teacher because she told me I was doing my somersaults wrong. In retrospect, I wish I'd stuck with it and I was almost definitely doing my somersaults wrong.
  6. Suggestions???
    I'm on the hunt for a new hobby--any winners out there?