Starts with a D, ends with an S, and in the middle there's an "OOOOH BOY"
  1. Learn that the official motto is: "Where Real Cowboys Work And Play" and decide to stick with the vastly superior unofficial motto.
  2. National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center
    There's a big herd of bighorn sheep near Dubois. If you've ended up in this tiny Wyoming town because of your love of semi-rare horned mammals then this is the place for you.
  3. Antelope Hills Golf Course
    The only golf course I've ever been to that allows jorts on the golf course and kegs on the golf carts. Coincidentally, more fun than most golf courses.
  4. Giant Jackalope Gas Station
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    My favorite gas station in the world. Take pictures on the locally famous Giant Jackalope, buy a Jackalope mug, tshirt or magnet, or just eat some ice cream (Jackalope Trax is the best flavor by far).
  5. Hiking!
    Sure, grand Teton national park and Yellowstone National Park get a lot of the Wyoming glory and are only an hour or so away. But Dubois is right in the Wind River mountains, which are glorious in their own right. For day hikes, check out Lake Louise or Table Mountain, and for expanded backpacking trips, head to Whiskey Mountain or Gannett Peak (the highest peak in Wyoming!)
  6. Fly fishing
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    The Wind River and the surrounding backcountry has some of my favorite fly fishing. Check in at a local fly shop (I like Marlowe's on Main St. to see which river spots are in season or hit up Ross Lake or Pelham Lake for gorgeous cutthroat and the occasional golden.
  7. Friday night rodeos
    Dubois's rodeos are much smaller than nearby Jackson's, or even Lander's, but that's part of the appeal. There's an event for everyone--if you can't rope or ride, grab two friends and sign up for the ribbon race, or just hang in the stands with some beer and make some cowboy friends. Just don't be surprised when they tell you to stand for the national anthem and then play "God Bless the USA" instead.
  8. Bars
    Dubois has two bars. The Rustic Pine is slightly nicer (don't worry, there's still one of those "spot the difference in these two pictures of naked women" games) and hosts square dancing for the whole family on Tuesday nights. But then right across the street there's the Outlaw (formerly known as the Whiskey Creek) where the drinks are cheaper and the dancing goes later but where there's also a shooting or a stabbing every few years.