1. Cloudy but still hot
    Wtf is this?? Clouds advertising sweet sweet relief from the sun, heat advertising a day spent hanging out by a body of water...both of them just lying to your face.
  2. Any weather that kills people
    Hurricanes, tornados, typhoons, flash floods, non-flash floods, etc.
  3. The kind of rain that makes you feel like it isn't enough to warrant an umbrella/rain jacket but still gets you damp.
    Damp is the worst.
  4. Freezing rain
    Worse than snow, worse than rain. Probably worse than sleet, but then, what is "sleet"?
  5. "Mom suggests we go for a family hike" weather
    Jokes, Mom goes hiking in all weather.
  6. Relentless series of sunny days
    I just want to hide in my apartment for one day and watch tv, and the sky is eternally guilting me into going outside