7yrs ago I lost the most important woman in my life. She was not only my mother but played the role of a father in his absence. God bless her for the things she did for us.
  1. Reading books & magazines as we would lazily lay in bed.
  2. Going for rides sometimes at the park, & a lot of times to the coast. We both loved these trips so much.
  3. Hearing her sing to Mexican songs. I thought she had a beautiful voice❤️
  4. Being able to go to work with her when they would call her in on her day off. Because, not being able to spend the day with her made me sad.
  5. Eating at pizza at Pizza Hut & watching a movie at the Playhouse.
  6. When she bought me my first 8track, Debbie Boone... In da house!!!😁
  7. When she would call out my name in a heavily accented Spanish...Norrraaa!!!
  8. When she would tell me, ay mija come & sit next to me & we would hold hands.
  9. Cafe in the morning , with the best conversations.
  10. My mother was my home & one day I will make it back home.