Requested by @bjnovak
Managing a Liquor Store
  1. Never boring in a good way & sometimes not a good way.
  2. Do I have stories....
  3. Work 6 days a weeks since I live in Texas I get one day off. Thank "God" for Sunday's literally. lol
  4. I see some customers everyday, everyday, everyday.
  5. I feel like I'm a hustler, hustling booze. Oh, yeah I am.
  6. It's a lot of work, from putting orders together to putting the liquor on the shelves. Smiling & being helpful even when your not really feeling it.
  7. Though I've had the great pleasure to be able to take care of my family with my job choice.
  8. I have also traveled to California Vineyards, Jack Daniels Distillery in Tennessee, Washington Vineyards, Oregon Vineyards, Barbados Rum Distilleries, & South American Vineyards in Chile & Argentina.
  9. Yo, I love my job!!!!