Smells With Which I Would Probably Have An FBO Relationship, But "It's Complicated"

Crazy world, lotta smells, am I right? 👃🤔
  1. Lysol® disinfectant spray
    The smell of clean! But I've accidentally inhaled enough of this stuff that it's probably taken a year or two from my lifespan. It's complicated.
  2. Freshly cut grass
    Smells like the carefree summers of my youth and innocence. But also makes me cringe at how all those little cut grass bits will stick to your shoes/feet/everything the next morning when it's dewey. It's complicated.
  3. Green hand sanitizer
    The smell of the scores of doctor appointments I have had throughout my lifetime. Hateful but like also strangely comforting? It's complicated.
  4. Axe® body spray
    Ah, the memories of preteen insecurity and middle school hallway axe bombs. But also ingrained in my psyche as a desirable manly smell? It's complicated.
  5. Campfire smoke
    Ditto with the grass thing. Sticks to you like nobody's business... so wrong and yet so right. It's complicated.
  6. Cinnabon® in the mall
    WHY MUST YOU HAUNT ME SO (it's complicated)
  7. That's it, smells. We're through.
  8. (But like)