Amélie is one of my all-time fave movies. ( I like to think Amélie is my spirit animal but just with better hair and sense of style and pretty much everything than I have. But despite our differences, here are some times when we were the same person. 💅🏼👯 (warning: lotsa introspection ahead)
  1. That time they thought she had a heart defect!
    1. This is pretty much exactly what I looked like as a kid, 2. I also got heart palpitations from physical signs of affection bc my (otherwise lovely) family generally employed a no-touching policy. Just like Amelie's fam!! 💁🏻👯
  2. When she worked at the Two Windmills café!
    I had a summer gig in college as a bartender! Basically the same thing! 👯
  3. When she creeped on the guy she liked instead of talking to him!
    Literally me! 👯
  4. When she developed crazy stratagems to meet up with the guy she liked but ended up chickening out!
  5. When she had a pity party!
    I am pro at pity parties! 👯
  6. When she worried about her dad!
    I just want to buy my parents a cottage on Lake Michigan and a boat and have them retire already ok?!?! Thx 👯
  7. When she wanted to call somebody out for being an asshole but instead just imagined her comebacks in her head!
    She later did something about it but I am also pretty bad at standing up for myself and voicing opinions! 👯
  8. When she was more perceptive about other people than she was about herself!
    Yapppp! 👯
  9. When despite her shortcomings she was still a genuinely good person who wanted to make things better for people!
    Like I think this is also me? 👯!
  10. ...
  11. Well that was fun!
    Ask and ye shall receive @bailey
  12. #sorrynotsorry this isn't the funnest list out there but seriously GO WATCH THE MOVIE if you haven't yet. It will change your life
    Or at least make you feel a little bit happier about things!! Hope for introverts and idealists everywhere. ❤️😊