Per request of @shepeesa ❤️
  1. Big comfy couch clock stretches
  2. Nap time in Lindsey's room
  3. Dr.Seuss's birthday
  4. The golden vest in the costume box
  5. Alligator teeter-totter
  6. Grace United tricycle races
  7. Rainy days
  8. Will telling me I had done well in coloring outside the lines
  9. Chicken Pox buddies with/from Julia
  10. Cookie cakes
  11. Puzzle place dolls
  12. Losing at hide and seek
  13. Going to the Burkes
  14. Chalking up the driveway
  15. Fearing the little door under the stairs in the back yard
  16. Hand-me downs
  17. Always being the prince in Cinderella