Maybe this will be cathartic?
  1. The time I pulled for my bus stop but when I tried to get up and leave the buckles on my boots were caught together and I couldn't walk
    I looked at the girl sitting next to me like "You are seeing this right?"
  2. The time everyone in a room was singing the lyrics to Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" and I said ONE wrong word and got called out for it
    And it was a reasonable mistake.
  3. The time my entire family went to a waterpark during a family reunion trip and I jumped off the high dive and my top came off during impact.
    Just classic.
  4. The time I was at a party as a kid with basically everyone I know and I went to the bathroom and the toilet handle was broken and wouldn't flush and I basically had to ask for help flushing the toilet.
    Everyone knew about this, by the way.