1. How can a major party's presidential candidate :
  2. Insinuate their followers should shoot their opponent?
  3. Invite a foreign government to hack their opponent's files?
  4. Talk about limiting the immigration of a group of people on the basis of religion?
  5. Attack a family who is grieving?
  6. Attack a person's right to free speech by asking, "what gives you the right?"
  7. Criticize a POW for getting caught?
  8. Retweet a known racist/fascist/clearly wrong and racially biased statistic, and defend that?
  9. Say they know more than the generals about military information?
  10. Say the first person they consult is themselves?
  11. Tell the country they alone can fix it?
  12. Make up facts, then defend those made up facts?
  13. Still have any support at all?