"I can't remember what I've forgotten!" -Neville Longbottom and me
  1. The exact thing I went to the grocery store to buy
    EVERY DAMN TIME. And I always realize it as I am driving away.
  2. The spelling of "restaurant"
    Honestly I have not explanation. For some reason when I am writing or typing this word, all logic escapes me. I am ashamed.
  3. The reason I called
    But it's been nice to catch up.
  4. Board/card game rules
    I refuse to read them, but my memory of them will come back in phases as I teach them to you, likely as we both get confused during the first round. Sorry.
  5. Whether or not I locked the door
    Spoiler alert: I did. But it'll keep me awake at night until I check.
  6. Poop bags for my dog
    This either results in a long trek to get a bag and a return trip to the scene of the crime for removal, or my delicately placing nearby leaves and grass over the poop whilst looking around in a semi-suspicious manner. I'm getting better about it though!
  7. Bonus: Things I can always remember
    Obscure childhood memories, which months have 30 days, everyone's name and birthday, random trivia, my reusable grocery bags, and that thing you said that time.