Who passed away four years ago today, whom I love dearly and miss every day of my life.
  1. His opinions on my shows
    After Rory Gilmore slept with Dean, who was married, my father (who was pretending not to watch) said, "Love is a crazy shit".
  2. His one-liners
    "Nobody's perfect, that's why they put erasers on pencils."
  3. His voice and his laugh
    We don't have any recordings of him. But his voice was strong, yet soft. He always spoke with kindness.
  4. His terrible taste in junk food
    When I asked him what he wanted for Christmas he always said he wanted McDonalds gift cards and frozen chicken pot pies. I always told he I would not contribute to him getting less healthy.
  5. His advice
    He had lived through so much. He would listen to your situation, quietly and thoughtfully, then think for a minute, and give you the absolute perfect solution to your problem. He always had an answer.
  6. His love of animals
    We once got a dog while he was away on business. When he came home he acted mad about it, but I caught him talking to the puppy while no one else was in the room. He also responded to our cat when she meowed.
  7. His pride in his family
    He was the only dad at my high school graduation to wear a full suit and tie, and he was the first person in line (at 6 am) to make sure my family had front row seats.
  8. His goofy side
    While reading his high school yearbook I found out he once dressed up like a woman for a presentation. When I asked him about it he laughed and confirmed he had worn a dress and used fruit for breasts.
  9. His travel stories
    He had been to five continents, 49 states, and who knows how many countries. He traveled for work constantly, and made friends everywhere he went. Here's a picture he took in Rio, including his finger.
  10. His story-telling
    He could captivate anyone. Not only were the stories themselves good, but man he could tell them.
  11. His insistence that I enjoy my life
    In middle school I worried about grades and he told me to stop and just have fun. This text conversation was from when I was 18.
  12. His ability to look effortlessly cool in every picture
    Every time.
  13. His love of my mother
    The worst thing I could do growing up was upset my mom. He was immediate in his full-throated defense of her and why she deserves nothing but happiness.
  14. His kindness
    He once gave up his first class seat for a blind man, then used his miles to upgrade the man's wife so they could sit together. He always gave our leftovers from restaurants to homeless people if he saw them. He insisted we go through our belongings a few times a year and donate what we were not using to those less fortunate.
  15. Him
    I miss him more than I can say. There are a million reasons and things I miss about him. That will never go away, and I wouldn't want it to. I love him so much, and am so proud that this truly good man is my father.