1. It's not rude, it's important.
    Politics are the means by which things get done for society. Without politics, we do not get the things we enjoy as members of that society, like infrastructure and laws protecting civil rights.
  2. Disagreeing is a vital part of the process.
    We are taught not to talk about politics because we don't all agree, and that could get uncomfortable. But we all have different opinions, disagreeing is part of how we grow as people and a society, and discover what is most important to us.
  3. Voter turnout in the US is very low.
    Very low. Voting shows our leaders who we want representing us, and what we want society to look like. We ALL need to vote. Hopefully by talking about politics more, more people will become engaged in the process.
  4. We need a larger conversation.
    As Americans we need to talk about institutionalized problems, like racism and sexism, and the intersectionality of those problems. This cannot be done without politics, and politics can be a catalyst for change.
  5. This election is important.
  6. Every election is important.
  7. Your opinion is important.
  8. You can have your voice heard.
  9. Not everyone has the opportunity to speak freely like we do.
    This Iraqi woman wears the mark of her vote all day, and fears retaliation because she voted. In America, we have the freedom to express our differing opinions and vote without fear. We should appreciate and recognize that privilege.
  10. Please start talking about the issues. Politics are too important to be unspoken.
    With respect, and a willingness to keep learning, we can understand everything better, and grow.