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Feel free to add in your own experiences
  1. You're going to feel more than you've ever felt.
    And it's not all going to make sense. My emotions have ranged from sad and scared to angry and feeling like I'm drowning.
  2. Not everyone is going to get it.
    Everyone handles this differently. And if you've never experienced it (you lucky human) it's hard to get. I'm a victim of being on that other end until this past winter. Let people ride the waves of their emotions please.
  3. Your initial reaction may not be what you expect.
    My brother barely had a reaction. I was hysterical before the words even fully left their mouth. Neither is right, neither is wrong. Feel how you need to feel. Take the time you need to process.
  4. Always look for the positives.
    Learn from this. Learn what really matters. Learn what doesn't. Learn about the simple joys we forget to make time for. And give some extra hugs while you're at it.
For the first time since I was fourteen. Thoughts ensue below.
  1. If you spend more than four days there I need to know HOW and I need to see a report of a full body physical once a week from your doctor who must actually be licensed.
  2. I respect the hustle of those who work there on a daily basis and deal with the drunk idiots (me) visiting there.
  3. I didn't know you could still smoke indoors in places. Let's kick this one to the curb.
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  1. Creating good lists.
    This is so meta.
Thanks for letting us search for everything with you, @john
  1. He played.
    And I mean, man did he play. For over two hours. Two, pure, happy hours of untainted bliss.
  2. He made his guitar faces.
    He's so into his music that he'll make those faces because he makes them when he gives us the best guitar solos ever.
  3. He sang in your atmosphere.
    And this is one of my all time favorites.
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She's the author of my favorite book, Feminist Fight Club, and all around cool person. I'm excited. Clearly.
  1. "In the eight grade I helped stage a walk-out at my middle school called "Skirtfest" -- because one of my best guy friends was kicked out of school for wearing a skirt"
  2. "One of the very first rules of the fight club was that we fought patriarchy not each other"
  3. "The definition of a feminist is somebody who believes in equality between the sexes, not that women are better than men, simply equal. If you believe that, then you are a feminist, whether you want to identify by that word or not."
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In celebration of the one year anniversary of La Femme Collective alongside International Women's Day, we have crafted our own (and we believe better) version of modern day dating apps. We present to you the LFC Career Matcher; head to our site where you can view profiles of some of our favorite women.
Recently moved here from New York. Still not sure about that decision.
  1. I can go outside without freezing my ass off.
    But does that make up for the fact that I can't go out without getting crippling anxiety here?
  2. That's about it.