She's the author of my favorite book, Feminist Fight Club, and all around cool person. I'm excited. Clearly.
  1. "In the eight grade I helped stage a walk-out at my middle school called "Skirtfest" -- because one of my best guy friends was kicked out of school for wearing a skirt"
  2. "One of the very first rules of the fight club was that we fought patriarchy not each other"
  3. "The definition of a feminist is somebody who believes in equality between the sexes, not that women are better than men, simply equal. If you believe that, then you are a feminist, whether you want to identify by that word or not."
  4. "Listen to your inner voice, try not to succumb to self-doubt, and stand up for what you believe in. Now more than ever, silence can be interpreted as complacency, and we need to speak up for what we believe is right and just."
  5. "Other women are our allies, not the competition."
  6. "The only thing more powerful than a self-confident woman is an army of them."