LFC Retreat, as told by photos and food.

This weekend, my team for my website, www.lafemmecollective.com, took a retreat to the Hamptons. Cheese ensued.
  1. Here we are, all in a room together for the first time being so social (just kidding - we were on a work FaceTime).
  2. First activity - Stand Up Paddle Boarding.
  3. Then we went to the farmer's market, which is my favorite place in the entire world for this exact reason. We ate lots of tomatoes paired with lots of burrata. Like lots.
  4. We got trendy and drank rose by the pool.
  5. We celebrated Jenna's birthday. Jenna doubles as a content editor, employee at Greenhouse, and my best friend.
  6. Cake pops were eaten, scattergories was played, and a lot of alcohol was consumed. Here we are trying to remember what we did the next morning.
  7. This speaks for itself. We had coffee and donuts. And I fell in love.
  8. We met a lot of dogs.
  9. We took a night swim. And sang some Whitney Houston.
  10. We went for a bike ride the next morning. Wearing our helmets because at LFC safety comes first.
  11. We sat outside for lunch as it started to rain. We ate a lot of french fries. Here I am with all my friends.
  12. And soon enough it was time to say goodbye to the most lovely weekend with the even lovelier team.