And why I won't apologize for them.
  1. Spaces where I can potentially get stuck.
    I don't care about new your elevator is or how many times your rollercoaster has been ridden, I do not enjoy putting myself in situations where I could potentially be stuck for extended periods of time where I also know I will be extremely uncomfortable. Not sorry for that. I'll take the stairs if I need to.
  2. Being sick.
    I care about my health. I don't enjoy feeling horrible. I don't know many people who do. Let me be my anxious mess in my own bed away from other humans while I'm sick.
  3. Interviews.
    I find talking about myself extremely nerve-wracking. What if you don't like what I'm saying? We're not talking about a shirt we saw on a window display, we're talking about me. That's tough!!
  4. Public speaking.
    All those eyes. All those ears. So much attention to all the things you could possibly do or say incorrectly.
  5. Random moments during the day when everything seems like it's going right.
    Hey guess what? I'm human. And I'm a human that happens to have generalized anxiety disorder. Sometimes I feel like impending doom is right around the corner for no reason. I won't apologize for that. I try my hardest to work on it and that has to count for something.