i don't watch the bachelor, never been into the real world (is it still on?) and have no interest in keeping up with all 50 kardashians. but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy quality reality tv like any other red blooded american.
  1. Wife Swap
    This is as real as it gets. Favorite cast members include Marguerite Perrin, the God Warrior, King Curtis, and the family that ate raw meat and almost died when the new mom made them eat a burger joint. The patriarch of said family cracked a raw egg in a cup and drank it to calm his nerves after he realized he poisoned his kids.
  2. Celebrity Wife Swap
    See red blooded American comment above. Also, this show shed light on how nutso Heinz Ward is.
  3. I Love New York
    Do you have love for New York? I did for two whole seasons.
  4. Candidly Nicole
    Nicole Richie 4 ever.