Another project... WAAAAAT

  1. Play with some paint and some items you think could make cool stamps!!!!
  2. Make some textures with some stamps!!!
    I used a trash bag, a tooothbrush, a plug, a piece of foam, a binder clip, and a different part of the plug!
  3. Form representations of those textures out of Bristol paper!!
  4. Compare them to everyone else's in your group!!!
    Mine is second from the left :)
  5. Choose which ones you like best out of everyone's!!
    We chose this one, which was one of mine :)
  6. Find a location in the building where you could create an installation based off of this paper texture
    The daap building has some awesome spaces, and that's my friend Bailey for scale :)
  9. Get your materials and start installing!!!
    We used cardboard and sticky tack
  10. My group member JP being v serious whilst installing
  11. So cute!!!
  12. Take a step back and be proud of the work you've done :)
    The best part of every project :-)
  13. ily art school