So I actually go to UC which is a big public state university, but the college of design, art, architecture, and planning is actually super intense.... here ya go kids
  1. The kid who loves weed but is stil cool
  2. The kid who loves weed but is super annoying about it
  3. The ~spiritual~ kid
    burns incense when they work in the studios after hours
  4. The kid who doesn't give a single care but they're so damn good
  5. The try hard
    and they're really good
  6. The try hard
    and they really give it their all but aren't super successful all the time
  7. The pretentious private school kid
    we get it ok your dad is on the board of directors at MoMA and you got a 38 on your ACT
  8. The kid who's just along for the ride
    aka me and my best friends here help I'm super average
  9. The lowkey super talented kid
    you know the one I'm talking about
  10. The kid who loves shrooms
    obviously cool and fun
  11. The kid who I swear to god just scribbles and the professors all think they're incredible
  12. The kid who is super earthy and vegan
    they're everywhere though, this is not just art school
  13. The kid who is always WIRED and ready to do some art
  14. The kid who talks big game but doesn't actually do anything
  15. The kid who's so good and KNOWS they're better than everyone else and you can't even get mad when they're a jerk because they're so TALENTED
  16. The kid who offers their unwanted (and usually rude) criticisms of your work
    every. damn. time.
  17. For the most part, though, everyone is super nice and talented and wonderful. If you're thinking of going to art school at all, please do it.